Monday, March 8, 2010

No Free Trials

Please have a look on my views for free trial requests...It is GTalk archive discuused today morning ...
aneeshkorambatta: hello sir? i have just one doubt can u answer pls
kailash: y
aneeshkorambatta: present performance speaks louder than past performance. so i need one free trial
kailash: sorry,please go to tipsters;they will oblize u. I am giving my free service ...enjoy..
aneeshkorambatta: wot makes it so? let me follow u with performance rather than talks?
kailash: but no trial ..why i blog is free to all
aneeshkorambatta: or tell me the cost for i call i shall pay you
kailash: 200 inr for single call;every thing is written in clear words
aneeshkorambatta: definitely. i shall pay you tonight. and give me a good stock future call any day like tech mahindra call
kailash: ok please transfer the money and i will guide for only single future trade ...

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