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Hi sir what is your Trading course and what all u going to deliver us.?

Reply ..

Hi sarikaji

It is my pleasure that you shown trust in me ..
please register for free  at

Please send add request to dhanvarshagrp It is my Yahoo messenger for live updates...
Can join me at gtalk too in emergency id is

please read this  


if u need any assistance ...
feel free to contact me at 9451659275 

Kailash Chaturvedi 

I would like to join to your Premium advisory services. please reply my doubts?

I only provide profit making calls ...
and generally it takes 10 mins to 1 hr  for exiting wid nice gains ...
Even I plan the trades as per your requirement..
The No of trades depend on volatility if volatility is high you can do 3 positive trades  in 1 session ..
for xfr of subscription please go to ...

no investment is bad as long it fetches money.I hope i get somedecnet returns.Pls let me know the method to transfer money. 
Smriti ...


Hi smriti ji
Tx for your interest and trust in me ...
you can transfer on line at any of the acct  mentioned here ..

I would like to have request to you, Can i get your calls and become your premimum memebr without being subscribing to TA classes?
Please reply me. 


Hi sarikaji 
the answer is obviously ..yes ...
it is up to you .. 
you can opt any of the choice..
can avail advisory service by transferring 2 k to my acct for 1 month period  

Hello Sir,
I'm Singaravel from Chennai. I recently visited your blog site and saw your impressive results. I'm interested in your premium services so please let me the subscription fees. Also, I would like to get a trial before joining your premium services. Can you let me know the procedure to join the trial services?

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Hi ravel ji
Glad to know that u are interested in my services... please enjoy my free service from blog and yahoo grp ..
can ask any one of my client about my dealings ... u will get their cell nos at many places at blog ... but I am sorry to say that ... no trial is provided from my side ...
please check at FAQ for your other queries

please register for free  at

Please send add request to dhanvarshagrp for live updates


kailash123p (7/3/2010 7:23:49 AM): see i have all options open as per client which type of call u wants
MID CAPIDEAS (7/3/2010 7:24:17 AM): OPTION CALL
kailash123p (7/3/2010 7:24:51 AM): hi Please click this link to know about subscription charges and bank details . some more information is available here too... Regards Kailash chaturvedi
MID CAPIDEAS (7/3/2010 7:25:26 AM): ANY FREE TRAIL
kailash123p (7/3/2010 7:25:59 AM): No trial 
kailash123p (7/3/2010 7:26:56 AM): there r so many big names are giving free trial please go there

rahul0976: hi
rahul0976 is offline.
rahul0976: i have a query
kailash: tell me
rahul0976: if i subscribe ur option pack how much capital should i required for trade?
i m a small trader
kailash: how much is ur capital
rahul0976: 20 k
is it enough?
kailash: and ur age and profession
rahul0976: my capcity is that much only
my age 26 in i m working in bpo
my monthly income is less than 10 k
kailash: ok
todays trading acct bal is 20k
nd holding is zero
rahul0976: yes
kailash: ok
r u online trader
rahul0976: not really
kailash: then off line
rahul0976: when i get chance to get interenet i m trading online
kailash: ok
rahul0976: or else im trading on phone
kailash: r u having lappy
or desktop
rahul0976: desktop
kailash: ok u r from
rahul0976: dombivli, thane
kailash: u can subscribe my service
rahul0976: ok but is it enough capital i.e. 20k?
kailash: yes
rahul0976: n r u providing tips on mobile?
kailash: only u have to follow my instrs
will send u sms
rahul0976: yes i will ur instuction 100%
kailash: 20 k is more than enough
rahul0976: thanks a lot for detailed information
kailash: after receipt of subscription
please spare 30 mins to get instrs here
rahul0976: daily?
kailash: no
after paying subscription
only once
rahul0976: ok
kailash: to synchronicse
rahul0976: no problem sir
kailash: r u having on line acct
rahul0976: i will be in touch with once i subscribe ur tips
kailash: means net banking
rahul0976: yes icici
kailash: ok u can add our icici acct
to pay subs
rahul0976: ur a/c no?
is it on blog?
i can get from there
rahul0976: thnx
kailash: Acct holder name : Poonam Chaturvedi

ICICI bank : 024901529595 RTGS/NEFT IFSC : ICIC0000249
rahul0976: ok
kailash: u r trading since
rahul0976: 3 years
subscribed many channels
but they r giving gain in starting
n i bear loss after words
my expectation is decent gain with capital protection
Sent at 8:06 PM on Sunday
kailash: ok
from where u got my link
Sent at 8:15 PM on Sunday

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