Thursday, January 28, 2010

Updates for 27 Jan 10

MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:19:53 AM): good prediction,caught it but slight late
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:20:07 AM): sold on 1230
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:21:47 AM): will it touch 999
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:22:36 AM): i am tradinf tech mahindra
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:22:49 AM): it is as per your prediction
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:26:22 AM): Tech Mahindra 1006
dhanvarshagrp (1/27/2010 9:27:56 AM): may touch in near future
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 9:28:32 AM): should i cover or waitTech Mahindra
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 10:23:54 AM): congrates oncemore to Kailash jee Aban 1310
MKumar Sinha (1/27/2010 3:09:03 PM): Kailash jee,kash,aisa hi sell call aap daily detey.TECH MAH CMP-948

Balmukund Singh (1/27/2010 1:33:43 PM): genuineness is more important than the call performance bcoz on net it is very difficult to find genuine people. thug and lootera are in lacs.
dhanvarshagrp (1/27/2010 1:36:57 PM): but i am updating frequently my work with live charts
Balmukund Singh (1/27/2010 1:37:24 PM): yes sir that's nice.
dhanvarshagrp (1/27/2010 1:38:18 PM): so there is no q of doubts
dhanvarshagrp (1/27/2010 1:38:34 PM): every thing is genuine here
Balmukund Singh (1/27/2010 1:39:32 PM): i don't have any doubt on yr genuinity. that's why i am in talk with u.
Balmukund Singh (1/27/2010 1:41:06 PM): please don't feel bad. my words are not to hurt u but to inform the things which are around on net.
dhanvarshagrp (1/27/2010 1:41:42 PM): ya it is true

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comments on my TWL sell call

MKumar : twl-trading at 411.00

MKumar : what a grand prediction.

kailash123p: seen

MKumar  is typing...

MKumar : may God bless you.

Call was .
Sell Call

Sell Titagarh wagon ltd 532966 below 424.60

For targets of 412.10>>>>404.40>>>391.90

Stop loss 429.40

can see at dhanvarsha group.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Appreciation on yahoo messenger

Hi friends I just edited identity of sender to keep privacy intact

Gokul : chaturvedi ji good job hats off to u for aban i saw it bt din traded.....from tommorow will take ur tips in priority list..thanks again

Gokul : europe and hangseng all in deep red

Last message received on 1/12 at 3:21 PM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

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