Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Here I highlighted the important I felt .....
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:38:42 PM): down
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:39:36 PM): what down ??
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:39:47 PM): i think so
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:39:56 PM): any reason
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:40:09 PM): 4883
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:40:38 PM): i think will not go beyond 4895
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:41:08 PM): and your opinion sir it is your opinion which matters
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:41:31 PM): look
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:41:41 PM): my level is 4891.00
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:41:48 PM): have u seen ?
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:42:04 PM): and then will come down
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:43:05 PM): who said ??
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:47:01 PM): nifty losing some ground what do u think
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:47:37 PM): have u seen my levels sir ????
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:48:15 PM): here http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:48:33 PM): please sign up here
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:48:57 PM): on your blog sir
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:49:03 PM): yes
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:49:13 PM): are u following my blog ?
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:49:32 PM): i will sign up after mkt hour i have come to know about your blog only 3 days back
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:54:06 PM): Fear and greed are two major factors which moves the prices up / down and the elder one is panic and News .......
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:55:21 PM): your r right sir but if these two factors dont exist then what will move the mkts
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:57:02 PM): these are mandatory
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:57:07 PM): but if u
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:57:31 PM): nifty in trouble
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:57:48 PM): yes these are the two emotions on which only yogis can over power
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:58:03 PM): correct
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:58:14 PM): but we too by practice
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:58:27 PM): and control over emotions
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 1:58:54 PM): yes we can try and to a major extent can control
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:59:23 PM): really
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:00:55 PM): yes if u have confidence in you and not levearged u can overcome these emotions to a great extent
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:02:07 PM): the major thing is you should not be leveareged
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:11:28 PM): had there been no fpos in these month the fall would have been sharper because then diis would have been neutral to the mkts
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:12:32 PM): hitesh ji want to know more aboutu if u dont mind ?
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:14:03 PM): why not i am from delhi and native place is churu (rajasthan). have much interest in learning new things and reading books
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:15:40 PM): ur age and qualification
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:17:27 PM): i am 51 yrs old and have done M.COM and C.A. inter, thereafter, i had to drop my studies due to some family problems and now in business and also doing day trading
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:18:09 PM): so are u following my blogeer
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:18:26 PM): dhanvarsha
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:18:30 PM): yes i shall do from today itself
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:19:43 PM): do u read tech charts
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:20:37 PM): i try to and learning now as i have just started learning only a week ago and it require a very deep study so i wish to learn a little
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:21:00 PM): who said ...deep study
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:21:09 PM): can u suggest me which charts should i study for a beginner
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:21:34 PM): there are so many things to learn and learning never ends
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:24:57 PM): k
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:25:04 PM): please read this
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:25:45 PM): can u suggest any relevant study material which i can find on net for these
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:26:41 PM): http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/2010/01/earning-in-stock-markets.html
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:28:03 PM): thanks sir i will definitely read these and u have been so helpful thanks a lot i really admire the person who is so considerate to take his time to help others
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:29:11 PM): from where u got my blog link or about me
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:30:45 PM): i came to know from some yahoo group and after visiting ur site i got your messenger id
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:31:17 PM): : today na
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:31:31 PM): day before yesterday
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:31:50 PM): and enjoying my articles
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:32:01 PM): yes very much
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:34:52 PM): gr8 going please ask ur friends too
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:35:02 PM): sure sir
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:35:02 PM): to follow the blog
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:35:40 PM): and me planning to change its name from dhanvarsha group
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:35:49 PM): to dhanvarsha
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:36:06 PM): yes it is short and compact
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:36:09 PM): what is ur view
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:36:18 PM): k
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:36:36 PM): in 3 mins will going to modify it
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:37:08 PM): ok and let me know the new name
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:37:59 PM): dhanvarsha
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:38:13 PM): link will be same
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:38:22 PM): www.dhanvarsha.blogspo.com
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:38:32 PM): no no
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:38:57 PM): there will be no any change in link
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:39:03 PM): ok
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:39:23 PM): only i will modify the header
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:39:44 PM): will delete group
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:39:47 PM): from it
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:40:30 PM): ok now nifty has shrinked its premium and the open interest is increasing does it shows that at this stage fresh shorts r being created
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:40:49 PM): ya
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:40:57 PM): you are correct
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:41:19 PM): thanks
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:41:50 PM): we were busy here and i missed the charts
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:56:46 PM): 4857.00
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:58:12 PM):
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:59:05 PM): are u trading today
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 2:59:25 PM): yes i was short at 4881
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:00:16 PM): gud
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:00:35 PM): that was only intutuion and i shorted nifty and my intuition was proved right thank god
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:00:36 PM): matlb dilkiawaz pe
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:00:44 PM): yes
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:01:14 PM): have u exited
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:01:37 PM): still holding short now pl advise should exit or see tomorrow morning
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:01:54 PM): look it gave a signal
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:02:04 PM): so exit soon
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:02:12 PM): ok thanks
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:02:33 PM): it may change too but here it is giving
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:02:53 PM): i booked after ur advise at 4861 thanks
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:03:23 PM): if it crossed theline then ok
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:03:25 PM): now
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:04:29 PM): now i have booked and dont care where it goes now there is lot of wealth in the world but all can not be mine i have got what was in my luck
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:04:47 PM): gr8
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:04:53 PM): u got it
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:08:25 PM): is there any site where we can find total turnover and volatility of index and particular stocks real time
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:09:26 PM): nse
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:09:56 PM): they give these datas after mkt hour but where we can see those real time
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:10:08 PM): like they tell on news channels
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:11:15 PM): will tell u
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:11:34 PM): thanks
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:13:50 PM): short covering
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:13:59 PM): 4871
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:14:19 PM): yes no one wants to take position home in this volatile mkt lack of confidence
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:14:50 PM): thank again you got me book nifty thank
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:15:35 PM): soon will see 4880
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:16:06 PM): spot at 4874
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:39:50 PM): our predicted levels ><<<4835.00>>>><<<4850.00>>><<<4876.00>>><<<4891.00>>> nifty low 4830.00 high 4889.00 close 4879.90 mkt is closed above 0.4% as predicted 
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:40:27 PM): sir what link u gave to learn to study the charts
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:41:17 PM): on ur blog the motivational stanza : Koshish karane walon ki har nahi hoti" is very good
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:41:51 PM): we are updating frequently there
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:42:11 PM): and me having a team with me
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:42:35 PM): no it seems that my chat history is not working so please give me the link again
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:43:29 PM): which link me not following u
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:43:46 PM): which u gave me to study k chart
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:45:08 PM): http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/2010/01/how-to-trade-on-my-calls.html
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:45:14 PM): this one??
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:47:03 PM): thanks
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:47:31 PM): now have to go to bank will u be online after 7pm
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:48:01 PM): actually me having a collection ofmy work with me
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:48:03 PM): so
Hitesg Jain (2/23/2010 3:48:59 PM): ok then i am leaving now be online whenever u r free in the evening till then good luck
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:49:28 PM): me remains online
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:49:42 PM): now students are started

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