Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today's online support

dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 8:21:05 AM): Good morning friends Last day I asked a simple question to all the members and the question was:- dhanvarshagrp (2/22/2010 1:04:18 PM): see three bull attempts 4917.00...4911.00....4904.00....Bear attempts 4901.00....4894.00....4891.00 Tell me who will be the winner ??? and I received many answers for my query and do u know the answer was " Bulls win ". I thought on it and as per my analysis I came to this conclusion ... to get the answer please visit .... http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/2010/02/strength-test.html
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 8:54:10 AM): <<<4768.00>>><<4809.00>>><<<4835.00>>>><<<4850.00>>><<<4876.00>>><<<4891.00>>><<<4932.00>>>> We are expecting a flat to negative opening with bullish sentiment so if market opens or trade above 4809.00 in initial trades then go long with a stop loss of 4765.00 and in all stocks and if market trades at flat means near 4850.00 then intra traders be alerted and wait till the time market picks any direction .will provide live yahoo messenger support to students and followers only ...so start following Dhanvarsha now ...to learn it how to follow us please visit http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/2010/01/boost-your-profits-with-dhanvarsha.html
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 9:08:35 AM): Have you seen negative opening ???as per our prediction ...futures opened at 4832.30...and close was at 4850.00 cmp is 4842.00
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 10:16:51 AM): please do not go shorts for today till you not receive our instructions ...http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/ futures at 4871.00
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 10:54:08 AM): mine prediction <4835.00>>>><<<4850.00>>><<<4876.00>>>< nifty futures low 4830.00 high 4878.90 and cmp is 4872.00and my messenger is showing is showing you a fight in bull and bear at this level ...
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 11:22:20 AM): so for bulls and bears are balancing each other and that is not gud for intra day traders nifty is trading in a range of 10 points since 10 AM
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 12:16:14 PM): now the end of bull run today at leaset upto 1.45 hrs nifty futures cmp 4865.00
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 12:49:23 PM): market got supported here again at 4875.00 level
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:11:29 PM): current update at 1.08 PM of intraday live futures chart at http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.com/2010/02/update_3951.html
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:37:56 PM): sunil kumar: SO WHT WOULD U SAY FOR NIFTY dhanvarshagrp: up
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 1:54:02 PM): Fear and greed are two major factors which moves the prices up / down and the elder one is panic and News .......
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 2:55:57 PM): 4857.00
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:19:30 PM): short covering or what u say futures  4875.00
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 3:42:09 PM): our predicted levels ><<<4835.00>>>><<<4850.00>>><<<4876.00>>><<<4891.00>>> nifty low 4830.00 high 4889.00 close 4879.90 mkt is closed above 0.4% as predicted
dhanvarshagrp (2/23/2010 7:09:20 PM): To see how we are protecting your capital just click the link http://clientsviews.blogspot.com/2010/02/full-archive-exit-call-at-right-time.html

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