Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chat room Instructions

How to login at chat room ...

Write your name  ...then click at profile   ... choose enter it and save ...thats all ...simple...
still problem just call ay 09451659275 and take login id and password instantly.

1. Do  not waste your precious time in unhealthy discussions at room  , please discuss other issues / personal problems with admin at his yahoo/ gtalk .We like mature , sincere and disciplined persons / traders at this place, there is no room for others .we may ban you if you wont follow it.
2. We are committed to your right to privacy and to keeping your personal and financial information secure, mail your contact details with brief introduction to admin at the time of joining at  or or call  at +919451659275... if you will  ignore  it... admin panel will ignore you and your queries at chatroom.
3. you can update your trades , gains and losses at chat room.
4. you can appreciate others but avoid pointing weak points or doubting others .For weak points of others , please write to admin or call him.
.5. Do not propagate, share  links / email ids in chat room . you can share links of useful free informative  sites / forums with admin at his YIM or GTALK,,  for further sharing in chat room  .
6. Suggest if you have some thing new to incorporate .
7. Invite all your friends to participate here .
8. This platform is private property of Dhanvarsha provided for  traders / analysts for educational purpose, knowledge sharing , constructive work... do not use it to defame any site / person.
9. You may search your messages shared in past at ...
10. Give and take respect to each other at chat room .
11. Minimum ban period will be 7 days for those who will not follow instructions.admin and moderators may or may not warn you before erasing any message or imposing ban on you ....Do not try to question   decision of admin panel...

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