Friday, March 5, 2010

3k profit by investing less then 20 k in 20 days

dhanvarshagrp: mahendra
dhanvarshagrp: are u there
tanwar152004: yes sir just reached
dhanvarshagrp: yaar
dhanvarshagrp: wo call sell pe lagao jaldi
dhanvarshagrp: 15.00
dhanvarshagrp: men
dhanvarshagrp: phone no do
dhanvarshagrp: tx god
tanwar152004: 9810172599
dhanvarshagrp: seen tell me your profit
dhanvarshagrp: on this trade
tanwar152004: sir 15 me nikal gaya
dhanvarshagrp: O Tanwar mujhe dikh gaya tabhi to maine tx god aur profit detail mangi hai
tanwar152004: 2225 ka profit hua hai less brokarage rs. 125
dhanvarshagrp: kitne ki invest ment thi
dhanvarshagrp: aur kitne din ke lie
tanwar152004: one lot 10.55 per li thi total 5275 ki investment thi
dhanvarshagrp: period ??
tanwar152004: ye hi karreb one week
tanwar152004: ye to 45% se bhi jyada profit hua hai
dhanvarshagrp: happy dear
tanwar152004: thank you guruji aap ko hi credit jata hai
dhanvarshagrp: now sell  exit from jpa at 145.80
dhanvarshagrp: hurry
dhanvarshagrp: sold na
tanwar152004: 145.90 par nikal gaya
dhanvarshagrp: profit and  investment with period ?
tanwar152004: 780 ka profit hua hai
tanwar152004: 13810 rs. period kareeb 10 days
tanwar152004: kareeb return 6% ho gai 10 din me hi
dhanvarshagrp: gr8
dhanvarshagrp: so learn and earn with me
tanwar152004: yes sir
dhanvarshagrp: and 1 k u missed in bharti ca
tanwar152004: hai
dhanvarshagrp: coz it was at 17.00 when i tried to contact u
dhanvarshagrp: lve it tanwar152004: sir aaj traffic bahut jaam tha so late ho gaya
dhanvarshagrp: koi nahi 3 k ho gauya na
tanwar152004: yes sir
tanwar152004: sir call me to bahut profit hai or investment bhi kam hai
tanwar152004: jp or call do no sath sath hi liye the call me 45% hua or jp me 6% jabki jp me investment 2.5 times tha
Last message received on 3/5/2010 at 10:53 AM

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