Monday, June 21, 2010

conference .....

bibin prasadhan: this is cool
dhanvarshagrp: ya
bibin prasadhan: regard to all dhanavarsha family members
dhanvarshagrp: now we all on same  grid
bibin prasadhan: yes
suthar1980 has joined the conference.
suthar1980: Hello
bibin prasadhan: hi yaar
dhanvarshagrp: hi welcome all
dhanvarshagrp: in conferece
Rahul Chaudhary: thank you sir
suthar1980: Yes
bibin prasadhan: we ll have a dhanavarsha members get together in some time
dhanvarshagrp: we are experiance it first time
bibin prasadhan: yes
dhanvarshagrp: so bibin
bibin prasadhan: sir can i send books on this platform so that others also gets it
dhanvarshagrp: u exited from pe 5300 ??
bibin prasadhan: or to your mail
bibin prasadhan: yes sir
bibin prasadhan: as i couldn contact you
dhanvarshagrp: ya mr arvind gandhi
bibin prasadhan: for profit of 450
dhanvarshagrp: we all are premium members
suthar1980: Hey there
suthar1980: where are you all from
bibin prasadhan: me from kerala
suthar1980: I'm from Ahmedabad
bibin prasadhan: done my masters in physiotherapy from manipal
suthar1980: this is my first day as premium member
bibin prasadhan: ok sir
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile has joined the conference.
bibin prasadhan: welcome to the group
bibin prasadhan: what for you sir
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: me too
bibin prasadhan: u all mean books
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: hello everybody
bibin prasadhan: technical analysis
bibin prasadhan: thts gr8 sir
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: Iam IT Professional
bibin prasadhan: gr8
bibin prasadhan: ok
bibin prasadhan: want a book on that now
bibin prasadhan: ok
suthar1980: I'm senoir manager in one of the IT firm
bibin prasadhan: good
dhanvarshagrp: ya
dhanvarshagrp: mr suthar
suthar1980: Yes
dhanvarshagrp: u are with me
dhanvarshagrp: since jan i feel
suthar1980: Ahan
mahendra tanwar: ya hi to all the  honble member
bibin prasadhan: yes sir
mahendra tanwar: and prannam to our
bibin prasadhan: good afternoon to all
mahendra tanwar: guruji
suthar1980: That's what I was thinking to say
bibin prasadhan: guruji
bibin prasadhan: pranam
dhanvarshagrp: gr8 mahenderr bhai
dhanvarshagrp: u know
suthar1980: I've been with Mr. Kailash since last 6 months I guess
dhanvarshagrp: mr suthar asked me once
suthar1980: and finally became premium member todya
dhanvarshagrp: aapke pas yahi tanwar hai kya bas
dhanvarshagrp: jo iski chat lagate ho
dhanvarshagrp: do u know what was my answer ??
mahendra tanwar: what sir
dhanvarshagrp: ye mr suthar plesae
mahendra tanwar: sir
dhanvarshagrp: tell them what was my answer ?
suthar1980: Pay 2K
dhanvarshagrp: no
dhanvarshagrp: my answer was
dhanvarshagrp: he is my gr8 follower
bibin prasadhan: sir can i send a book to all the members if you wish
dhanvarshagrp: just trade on my dirn
suthar1980: Trade calls here are superb
suthar1980: and hardly fetch any loss
dhanvarshagrp: see  this platform is  to help and share all the things / thoughts
dhanvarshagrp: we have
bibin prasadhan: yes sirs trade calls are excellent
dhanvarshagrp: so  why r u asking me
suthar1980: I've been trading in market since last 10 years now
mahendra tanwar:   guruji are great par log pahchan nahi pa rahe
dhanvarshagrp: mahender ji aisa nahi hai
mahendra tanwar: guruji khud ko bhi nahi pahchan pa rahe
dhanvarshagrp: hahahahah
mahendra tanwar: hera apna mol kabhi nahi bata pata sir
suthar1980: True
suthar1980: I agre
bibin prasadhan: bilkul sach bole
suthar1980: Agree
suthar1980: how many calls where there today
Rahul Chaudhary: i have too benefited a lot
suthar1980: since I joined late today I don't know
dhanvarshagrp: please help me
dhanvarshagrp: how i can add more member in conference now ?
bibin prasadhan: yes sir
bibin prasadhan: mmmmmm
bibin prasadhan: no idea sirji
bibin prasadhan: add button press karne pe
Rahul Chaudhary: Hi bibin
bibin prasadhan: shayd
bibin prasadhan: hi rahul
suthar1980: well I'm on blackberr right now and I really don't know
bibin prasadhan: ok
bibin prasadhan: hey black berry yahoo messenger option is there
bibin prasadhan: cool
Amar Mundada has joined the conference.

suthar1980: I hardly use PC or laptop
Rahul Chaudhary: Bibin do you have any book on trading systems
dhanvarshagrp: welcome mr amar
bibin prasadhan: no sir
Amar Mundada: thnaks sir
suthar1980: can someone give me link of online charts
bibin prasadhan: i have on technical analysis that can help you
bibin prasadhan: yes ill give
Amar Mundada: r these all premium memebrs?
suthar1980: sure thanks
suthar1980: I guess yes
Amar Mundada: so who is today's HERO
Amar Mundada: who earned more today
bibin prasadhan: me 450
bibin prasadhan: on 5300 put
dhanvarshagrp: sree
bibin prasadhan: i lot
suthar1980: I earned 500
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: i earned 32,000 in hindalco 10 lots today
suthar1980: On reliance capital short
suthar1980: was it a call from dhanvarsha
suthar1980: Hindalco that is
bibin prasadhan:
Amar Mundada: off course only Dhanvarsha can give such accurate calls
suthar1980: awesome
bibin prasadhan: link of online charts
suthar1980: Good
suthar1980: Thanks
Amar Mundada: Has everybody deposited this months premium in accounts?
Amar Mundada: this should be asked evrytime
bibin prasadhan: yes me half
bibin prasadhan: mine 1000 is left
Amar Mundada: sorry this should not be asked every month
bibin prasadhan: i ll give it within this week
suthar1980: No worries
dhanvarshagrp: please do not discuss at  conference
suthar1980: I'll tomorrow
Amar Mundada: one should do it without any reminders
Amar Mundada: ok
suthar1980: I tried today online transfer but failed
bibin prasadhan: ok sorry sir
dhanvarshagrp: it is not  mandatory
Rahul Chaudhary: i had done at the starting of the month
Amar Mundada: pls do not discuss
suthar1980: Ok
Amar Mundada: let chat abt the calls
bibin prasadhan: ya
Amar Mundada: or queries
bibin prasadhan: yes
bibin prasadhan: tommorow nifty will rise or fall
bibin prasadhan: what will happen
suthar1980: Should fall
bibin prasadhan: ok
bibin prasadhan: waht guruji saya that way it happens
dhanvarshagrp: see bibin
dhanvarshagrp: i only speak the language of technicals
bibin prasadhan: yes sir
bibin prasadhan: thats why i told
bibin prasadhan: technically
bibin prasadhan: as you always told news and market is supreme
dhanvarshagrp: see
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: today call 5400PE @ 89 What is the shorterm target?? any idea
mahendra tanwar: metals are strong
mahendra tanwar: dow future is trading + 135
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: correction 5300PE
mahendra tanwar: market may be  positive tomorrow
Rahul Chaudhary: Sir suzlon mein 66 tak wait karna hain
dhanvarshagrp: see i always told u
dhanvarshagrp: mkt or move
dhanvarshagrp: no one can limit it
dhanvarshagrp: and i proved it to u many times
suthar1980: Yes true
bibin prasadhan: true sir
mahendra tanwar: there is positive senimentall over the world
dhanvarshagrp: is it true or not ?
suthar1980: Yes
bibin prasadhan: yes sir true
dhanvarshagrp: true
Rahul Chaudhary: yes sir true
mahendra tanwar: yes sir
dhanvarshagrp: but what ever  mkt   moves
dhanvarshagrp: always
dhanvarshagrp: moves on some principles
dhanvarshagrp: like
dhanvarshagrp: elliots
dhanvarshagrp: waves
dhanvarshagrp: fib ratios
bibin prasadhan: yes i have experienced it
bibin prasadhan: many times
suthar1980: Hmm
mahendra tanwar: sir even after that some times
mahendra tanwar: it goes other ways
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile: sir..what is the postive sentiment now... europe is still not out from the debit cirisis and us its own problems
dhanvarshagrp: ya that is after effect
mahendra tanwar: like today
dhanvarshagrp: see the gr8 news of today was  from china
bibin prasadhan: but in long run technicals will help
mahendra tanwar: ya thats right sir
suthar1980: Hmm
bibin prasadhan: like some one who was long in 4800 call
mahendra tanwar: that is  apositive sign for today
bibin prasadhan: imagine waht will be his profit now
bibin prasadhan: 25k
bibin prasadhan: round
dhanvarshagrp: please listen the paln
dhanvarshagrp: plan
suthar1980: Yes
suthar1980: Tell us
bibin prasadhan: yes sir plan
dhanvarshagrp: we all are having 5300 july pe
bibin prasadhan: we are listening
mahendra tanwar: yes
dhanvarshagrp: july
dhanvarshagrp: ok
bibin prasadhan: me booked profit today 450
dhanvarshagrp: at 89
bibin prasadhan: will reenter tom
bibin prasadhan: k
dhanvarshagrp: see it may go long  upto 5500
dhanvarshagrp:   if will go
bibin prasadhan: ok sir
mahendra tanwar: yes it can
dhanvarshagrp: so
bibin prasadhan: 5500
suthar1980: can we enter again in 5300pe
dhanvarshagrp: aats total move in 1 wave will counted to 700 points
suthar1980: If yes, at what price
dhanvarshagrp: mi correct ssstarting from 4800
dhanvarshagrp: this upmove is cont from 4800 na
Amar Mundada: yes
mahendra tanwar: yes sir
bibin prasadhan: ye sir
smriti jain: No, thank you.
Yahoo! Messenger: smriti jain has declined to join.
dhanvarshagrp: so please retrace from 5700
dhanvarshagrp: if fall / retrace only 33 5
dhanvarshagrp: 33%
bibin prasadhan: 5500 is final destination for nifty ok
suthar1980: can we enter in 5300 pe
dhanvarshagrp: it will be
suthar1980: Tomorrow
dhanvarshagrp: 200 o
dhanvarshagrp: points
dhanvarshagrp: from there
bibin prasadhan: 200 0r 2000
suthar1980: can we enter in 5300 pe tomorrow
dhanvarshagrp: 200 points
bibin prasadhan: ok
dhanvarshagrp: see i will  be on msgr
dhanvarshagrp: and will give u trades
suthar1980: Okay
mahendra tanwar: ok sir
bibin prasadhan: ok sir
bibin prasadhan: thank you
dhanvarshagrp: my only suggestion/ requestis
dhanvarshagrp: please stay cool
bibin prasadhan: yes
suthar1980: Yep
mahendra tanwar: ok sir
suthar1980: Stay cool
dhanvarshagrp: only 1 mast trade can give us a nice return
bibin prasadhan: this sir has told 100 times to me
Amar Mundada: NAVRATAN TEL
bibin prasadhan: now i understand the value of this advice
bibin prasadhan: yes sir
suthar1980: Yep
dhanvarshagrp: my  trade generally never goes wrong
suthar1980: Yep
mahendra tanwar: never
suthar1980: That's what I said earlier
bibin prasadhan: never ever goes wrong
suthar1980: It hardly give loss
dhanvarshagrp: so
dhanvarshagrp: one
dhanvarshagrp: more thing
suthar1980: Sure
suthar1980: Tell us
dhanvarshagrp: please ask mr suthar
suthar1980: what sir?
dhanvarshagrp: u joined
bibin prasadhan: yes suthar sir please tell
suthar1980: Yes I joined
dhanvarshagrp: premium grp today na
suthar1980: Its final
suthar1980: Yes
dhanvarshagrp: before that
suthar1980: Primium group
dhanvarshagrp: what u got from me
suthar1980: 2 great calls today
suthar1980: and many such good calls so far
dhanvarshagrp: any msg since morning ?
suthar1980: Since last 6 months
bibin prasadhan: my goodness
suthar1980: well I became member after 1 today
dhanvarshagrp: i am asking before u informed me
dhanvarshagrp: how many transmission to gen members
dhanvarshagrp: i think
dhanvarshagrp: i sent nothing
suthar1980: Yes
dhanvarshagrp: so plaese trust me
dhanvarshagrp: i m
suthar1980: always
dhanvarshagrp: only looking after u all
bibin prasadhan: always reliable
bibin prasadhan: like sachin tendulkar
dhanvarshagrp: coz u are paying me
mahendra tanwar: ya
suthar1980: Yep
dhanvarshagrp: i only
dhanvarshagrp: sent calls to others when u all are at ease
bibin prasadhan: yes sir we understand and respect that
suthar1980: alright guys
suthar1980: I need to go
suthar1980: I've meeting
dhanvarshagrp: wait 1
suthar1980: see ya all later
dhanvarshagrp: please
suthar1980: Okay
dhanvarshagrp: last  q
suthar1980: Sure
dhanvarshagrp: will u likwe such conf every day
dhanvarshagrp: plaese fiux the time
suthar1980: Yes but after 7 PM sir
bibin prasadhan: ok sir
mahendra tanwar: sir
bibin prasadhan: u all tell the time i will be there
dhanvarshagrp: please decide u all
suthar1980: Because for full time I need to be in office
mahendra tanwar: jab when
mahendra tanwar: feel comfatable
bibin prasadhan: sir i have an idea
suthar1980: I would prefer after 7 in evening
bibin prasadhan: you please store the archive of conference
dhanvarshagrp: 7 to
bibin prasadhan: so that we can read it
suthar1980: 7 to anytime
suthar1980: Till 12 midnight
dhanvarshagrp: ok
suthar1980: I don't mind
mahendra tanwar: 7.3 or 8
dhanvarshagrp: so
suthar1980: Cool
mahendra tanwar: ok ok
suthar1980: Bye for now guys
dhanvarshagrp:    all are happy with 7 pm
suthar1980: Getting late for meeting
dhanvarshagrp: ok bye mr suthar
suthar1980: sorry guys
bibin prasadhan: 7 pm
bibin prasadhan: ok i will be there
dhanvarshagrp: means u all want today too
suthar1980: today maybe little late sir
bibin prasadhan: ya
suthar1980: At 8 if possible
bibin prasadhan: 7 is ok
mahendra tanwar: pl try to bring one additional member to dhan varsh so that our group can expand and become one of the best in the marke
Amar Mundada: sir any pre market order to be placed for 5300pe?
dhanvarshagrp: see every day
dhanvarshagrp: yes
bibin prasadhan: ya
bibin prasadhan: 7
Amar Mundada: at what?
dhanvarshagrp: 118    place karo
Amar Mundada: ok thanks
suthar1980: 118 for what
dhanvarshagrp: agar laga to maza
suthar1980: Short at 118
dhanvarshagrp: means 117.890
dhanvarshagrp: 117.80
Amar Mundada: yes
mahendra tanwar: ok sir
Amar Mundada: i placed at 117.85
dhanvarshagrp: k
suthar1980: tomorrow short 5300pe at 117.###, right?
dhanvarshagrp: no
Amar Mundada: suthat pls go for meeting
dhanvarshagrp: it is for them who are having
dhanvarshagrp: it
dhanvarshagrp: hahahaha
dhanvarshagrp: lot of traing to be given  to u all
suthar1980: Okay
mahendra tanwar: yes
mahendra tanwar: sir
Amar Mundada: i would like u to start ur web cam
dhanvarshagrp: only amar and rahul   picked up speed
bibin prasadhan:
bibin prasadhan: ok sir
Amar Mundada: thanks sir for appreciating
dhanvarshagrp: bibin too good
Rahul Chaudhary: thank you sir
dhanvarshagrp: but remains in panic
dhanvarshagrp: and  fear
Amar Mundada: yes true
bibin prasadhan:
Amar Mundada: dhere dhere fear chala jayega
bibin prasadhan: thanks sir
suthar1980 has left the conference.

bibin prasadhan:
dhanvarshagrp: see positive trades give cofidence
dhanvarshagrp: but negative ??
mahendra tanwar: yes thats very true sir
bibin prasadhan:
dhanvarshagrp: listen please  tata steel eod chart was  totally bearish
dhanvarshagrp: till morning today
mahendra tanwar: negative always gives losing trade and confidence sir
Amar Mundada: ok
dhanvarshagrp: even  entry at 275  was highly risky coz its 20 dma was at 280
Amar Mundada: but i think u had removed tatasteel from active calls
mahendra tanwar: sir may be it was a short covering
dhanvarshagrp: ya i  removed it
mahendra tanwar: in tata steel
Amar Mundada: Sir pls tell us abt ur family
Amar Mundada: who r there
Amar Mundada: etc
dhanvarshagrp: but today it blasted from 24 to 506 7
dhanvarshagrp: 274
Amar Mundada: u ask us but we never asked u
dhanvarshagrp: means ?
mahendra tanwar: ya
Amar Mundada: just want to abt ur family
Amar Mundada: nothing else
mahendra tanwar: it has crossed the 500 level which was a physilogycal level sir
bibin prasadhan: means
mahendra tanwar: busted by china news
bibin prasadhan: its news driven
dhanvarshagrp: true ji but how one can  opt it ??
bibin prasadhan: yes
bibin prasadhan: bad news it will get beaten
dhanvarshagrp: ok what was chinas news ?
mahendra tanwar: they are going to decontrol the currenciest
bibin prasadhan: yen value na
dhanvarshagrp: so who can decode its impact on worlds economy /
bibin prasadhan: i don know it sir
bibin prasadhan: but that was good for market
mahendra tanwar: which in turn make the dollar strong
Amar Mundada: all r sleeping i think
Amar Mundada: no response at all
Amar Mundada: except me and sir
mahendra tanwar: there fore exporter to china will be benefited
mahendra tanwar: like sesa goa
mahendra tanwar: tatasteel
dhanvarshagrp: and where will be loss
dhanvarshagrp: who will loose
bibin prasadhan: sir
mahendra tanwar: it was  also reported on the news channel andd cnbc also sir
bibin prasadhan: tomoro also this news may create positive ripples na
Amar Mundada: i am not aware abt the news
bibin prasadhan: we
mahendra tanwar: as the china is the main importer of metals
mahendra tanwar: indian companys exporting metal will get benefitted
dhanvarshagrp: means
bibin prasadhan: sir tomoro nifty i ve exited from the put
bibin prasadhan: for 450 rp
dhanvarshagrp: tomorrow they will rick more
bibin prasadhan: what will rick more
bibin prasadhan: sir
mahendra tanwar: sir these are the news
dhanvarshagrp: rock
bibin prasadhan: nifty
bibin prasadhan: or put
mahendra tanwar: having effect for  short time
Amar Mundada: Biyani joined hands with tata tel
Amar Mundada: future group joined hands with tata tele
bibin prasadhan: put tho i exited
bibin prasadhan: will re enter on your advice
dhanvarshagrp: se will plan
dhanvarshagrp: next trade
bibin prasadhan: ok
Amar Mundada: i am ready
bibin prasadhan: i exited because i could not contact you
dhanvarshagrp: mkt is having so many scrips
bibin prasadhan: and i remembered what happened when i was not able to contact
dhanvarshagrp: and indices
bibin prasadhan: yes
bibin prasadhan: sir L and t
bibin prasadhan: whats you view about that
bibin prasadhan: can any one go for trade in it
mahendra tanwar: main event to watch is the meeting of the federal bank of  usa for taking decision on the interest rate . meeting to be held on wednesday
mahendra tanwar: yes si
mahendra tanwar: r
Amar Mundada: yes there are many
Amar Mundada: but we deal in 3-4 in a month
Amar Mundada: and that is good
Amar Mundada: it is easy to track
bibin prasadhan: any way will mail u that
Arvind Gandhi will be ignored.
Arvind Gandhi will no longer be ignored.
dhanvarshagrp: now
dhanvarshagrp: ftse 0.84%
dhanvarshagrp: cac 40
dhanvarshagrp: 1.41 5
bibin prasadhan: yes
dhanvarshagrp: dax 1.16%
bibin prasadhan: k
bibin prasadhan: markets all up
dhanvarshagrp: se learn
dhanvarshagrp: how to see the mkts
bibin prasadhan: ok
dhanvarshagrp: please care fully see the %
Amar Mundada: ok
dhanvarshagrp: and  dont see red or green
dhanvarshagrp: % matters
bibin prasadhan: yes
dhanvarshagrp: if we are  1.7% up
bibin prasadhan: yes
dhanvarshagrp: and europe is at0.7 means
bibin prasadhan: means
bibin prasadhan: we will go down tom
dhanvarshagrp: we must fall 1 %
bibin prasadhan: yes
bibin prasadhan: tom
mahendra tanwar: yes sir
dhanvarshagrp: or europe must raise 1 %
mahendra tanwar: ya
bibin prasadhan: but sir sorry to interrupt the trend should go till 5500 na
dhanvarshagrp: who said ?
Amar Mundada: yes that i will see from tomaarrow
bibin prasadhan: next targ of upside
dhanvarshagrp: i said mkt is at ob zone
bibin prasadhan: last was 5400
bibin prasadhan: yes
bibin prasadhan: absolutely
dhanvarshagrp: pull back is due
bibin prasadhan: before that 5312
bibin prasadhan: ok
dhanvarshagrp: can start at any moment
bibin prasadhan: ok
bibin prasadhan: so tomoro you please alert me
bibin prasadhan: nifty if any thing is there
bibin prasadhan: 5300 put i sold today
dhanvarshagrp: see i think  i m
dhanvarshagrp: giving my best assistance to u all
bibin prasadhan: yes sir
bibin prasadhan: sure sir
Amar Mundada: yes 100% sir
bibin prasadhan: you r giving 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent
Amar Mundada: i have no question on ur assiatance
dhanvarshagrp: but still there r
bibin prasadhan: yes
dhanvarshagrp: possibilities
bibin prasadhan: ok
dhanvarshagrp: that we can implement
bibin prasadhan: ok
dhanvarshagrp: to boost gains
bibin prasadhan: sir sorry to interrupt you
bibin prasadhan: i have one query
dhanvarshagrp: yes
bibin prasadhan: i wanted to know can i enter l and t put 1800 tom
bibin prasadhan: i is at life time high
Amar Mundada: sir abt the techinque u were to come up on weekend
bibin prasadhan: sorry year high
bibin prasadhan: i wanted to seek your advice
bibin prasadhan: for that
dhanvarshagrp: see
dhanvarshagrp: it is at all time figh
bibin prasadhan: all time high
bibin prasadhan: is it
Amar Mundada: Sir i have to go now
dhanvarshagrp: ] but till the time i will not rec revarsal sig i am sorry
Amar Mundada: will ctach u after 7:30
dhanvarshagrp: to suggest
bibin prasadhan: ok
Amar Mundada: bye
bibin prasadhan: sir
bibin prasadhan: why i asked was a bearish doji was there in charts and rsi at 70
bibin prasadhan: thts why
bibin prasadhan: thank you for the advice
bibin prasadhan: inverted hanger and hanging man also was there
bibin prasadhan: thank you

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