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Dhanvarsha Ping box/ chat on rcom

Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:15:56 AM): goodmorning sir..
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:16:16 AM): hi gm
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:16:38 AM): news regarding relcom...
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:16:41 AM):
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:18:00 AM): sree it is old news 
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:18:06 AM): is ok..
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:18:09 AM): posted on 15 jun
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:18:16 AM): it is 26 now
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:18:46 AM): see this...i think it refers to the same..
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:18:47 AM):
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:18:53 AM): ??
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:19:59 AM): this news is posted on 26th. you r correct...
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:20:09 AM): but news appears on both 15th and 26h
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:20:59 AM): see news is there... but analyse it 
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:21:20 AM): normally such news is postive or negative for the stock.??
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:22:07 AM): ya
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:22:47 AM): Reliance Communications spokesman Guarav Wahi did not answer a call to his cell phone requesting comment. Calls to GTL’s headquarters in Mumbai were not answered. Reliance Communications, controlled by billionaire Anil Ambani, said on June 14 it planned to spin off its Reliance Infratel Ltd. tower unit and use the proceeds to pay debt.
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:23:05 AM): why they kept silent ??
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:23:14 AM): why they are selling ??
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:23:29 AM): are they loosing or gaining ???
I'm So Bored
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:26:59 AM): they want to pay for their debt and want to use this fund to strengthen their infrastructure...
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:29:45 AM): ok
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:29:58 AM): means r com will rock 
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:30:07 AM): rock and rock
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:30:31 AM): so our put will gain...
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:31:00 AM): and the persons who bougt it at 140 levelsare at 184level will sit idle 
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:31:54 AM): wont they exit from rcom at nice gain ?
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:32:06 AM): yes..your right...they should.
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:32:18 AM): and if they sell 
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:32:39 AM): some one must buy it at 205 level
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:34:31 AM): ok..sir
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:35:03 AM): who will buy it and why ??
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:36:07 AM): fundementally they going to use this fund ...postive in shoft to long term view
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:36:47 AM): ok
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:37:20 AM): but option will loose its value due to time decay
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:37:28 AM): yes..
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 11:38:23 AM): for long term it is postive news...but for short term is risky
dhanvarshagrp (6/27/2010 11:38:38 AM): ya
Sreekumar India-Vodafone Mobile (6/27/2010 6:32:24 PM): Exit From RCOM ..Pocket your gains . RCOM having 3 arrows pointing to North East and 4 arrows pointing to South West ... and Making Double top too at 196 level within 10 days ..Which is a prominent reversal pattern... MACD histogram is going to merge with zero line >>>>>which is another bearish signal .MACD is converging bearish ...>>>Bearish signal RCOM is moving up and histogram is falling >>>> very strong sell signal ... please read in detail at 

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goko: gm sir ..nifty shorte of 5317 and r com short 193.5 but  lastly it rose from 191.3 to 196 so what will on monday ...i am holding ..........
kailash123p: when u shorted at 193.5 why  not covered it ay 191.1  and nifty at 5280
goko: to get more profit sir .....and  i wish it will give me up to 172 to 175  yaha  100 share f&o me hota  hai  to ......and nifty total was 75 but i booked profit in 50 nifty so i waited........for one day more
kailash123p: see mr patel   ... i m in trouble and bounded not to advice   at free ... thats why my services  are now totally dedicated to my premium mebers ... all followers are advised to read  my articles and trade using their own mindset ... after all we all are here for  money  making na .
goko: yes  sir  thanks is true  u r right ...even though your comments guides us much ......but i had lost  previously  .... i will be your  paid member in near future .......
kailash123p: and if by paying 60 rs /day u are getting lot of gains  ...then i dont think that 60 rs is     bad
goko: oh  very nominal  ok   ..i will  be  at last i  thank  u  sir  i will find your subscription payment  path
kailash123p: see u can go online
kailash123p: and  easily earn money wid me

kailash123p: Hi good morning 
please have a look 
lakshmanan c: suzlon fut jul which i bought @58.05 i have sold @58.75 and again i bought it @58.05 and i am still holding on
dhanvarshagrp: gr8
Means 2.5 k gains and still holding the same stuff...under our guidance ,...

Arvind Gandhi: but now i am getting better returns
Dhanvarsha Group: now means ?
Arvind Gandhi: more profitable trades.
Arvind Gandhi: and less losing trades
Arvind Gandhi: it was your advice to get out of rel cap option which saved me from huge loss
Arvind Gandhi: though rel cap was going down put option was going down

goko: but i am in bank service so i have to aceess your guide line by mobile talk only may it possible  during market hours?
kailash123p: see sms / call both are  available
kailash123p: and u can join chat after  mkt hars
goko: well  thanks  sir  .....................i will sugest my friends  also .............
kailash123p: see here plese
kailash123p: a new concept
kailash123p: earning with discussionand learning
goko: i am in sbi  but in daytime there is no internet except  our banks line ......
kailash123p: i know
kailash123p: but u can trade  thru cell na
kailash123p: ok gimme ur cell no we will give a try
goko: 09427050377   bsnl  mobile  hai  .......
goko: mill  gaya  it is on my luck that my BSNL  NO   ( govt culture )  however   i  thank  u  sir
kailash123p: just testing the speed of msg delivery ...i think it will work
goko: yes  mill gay turat -but since last month yaha guj circle me  BSNL me bahut garbad  hai  ..dekhte  hai  ...thanks  u
goko: thanks  buy
kailash123p: ok
kailash123p: goko  have u seen  discussion at aangan ??
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