Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nice Comments and appreciation

Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:54:23 PM): Hello Sir , From here where do u think market will go UP/Down?
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:54:53 PM): why r u asking amar
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:55:37 PM): Just curious
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:55:58 PM): see we r behind the money
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:56:12 PM): and that is coming
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:56:18 PM): yes
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:56:29 PM): let mkt will move 
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:56:45 PM): we are earing in all directions
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:57:18 PM): consistency matters na
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:58:38 PM): yes mr amar 
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:58:54 PM): yes sir
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:58:57 PM): i aggree
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:59:11 PM): he is niranjan 
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:59:32 PM): present in chatroom
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:59:50 PM): ok
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 5:59:53 PM): asking me for intraday trades
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 5:59:53 PM): new memeber
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 6:00:08 PM): just chat wid him
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:00:21 PM): Niranjan Just go through the Blog
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 6:00:28 PM): mr niranjan
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:00:29 PM): u will get all the info u require
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:00:53 PM): in 32 session i gained almost 40K with investement of 60K
kailash Chaturvedi (7/14/2010 6:00:54 PM): he is following since 6 months
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:01:02 PM): only in Intraday trades
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:01:05 PM): yes i have been to blog for past some time it intrest me ,so i am here now
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:01:07 PM): no position to carry
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:01:30 PM): hardly i carried any position for 1 day
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:01:44 PM): good
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:01:47 PM): after markets go and sleep clamly
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:01:57 PM): i reeally want that 
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:02:07 PM): u will suerly get it
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:02:24 PM): 100% satisfaction and 10 times values for money
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:02:37 PM): i will surely do it
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:02:40 PM): our Trades are Dahnvarsha's trades
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:02:48 PM): only we place orders
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:02:57 PM): rest is taken care by sir
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:03:09 PM): we should simply be operator with or money
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:03:31 PM): Got it
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:03:44 PM): k
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:04:12 PM): how lomh u know sir and how
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:04:24 PM): sorry how long u know sir and how 
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:04:34 PM): i know him since 1 year
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:04:43 PM): but i joined him 2 months back
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:04:50 PM): k
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:04:56 PM): i came to know abt him from Yahoo answers
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:05:06 PM): and i followed Blog for 1 year
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:05:19 PM): and finally started my profitable journey
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:05:26 PM): he sold almost all my prblms
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:05:32 PM): i was in 60K loss
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:05:39 PM): covered abt 40K in just 2 months
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:06:09 PM): i really like it but i feel sir is little strict when come to talk
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:06:40 PM): no no u r taking him in wrong way
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:06:56 PM): u know he manages trades of more than 1 crores
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:07:12 PM): so he is busy and we all asks him silly question
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:07:20 PM): which sir had answered earlier
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:07:30 PM): just follow blindly what he says in chat
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:07:36 PM): do not ask shall i enter
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:07:40 PM): shall i exit
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:07:44 PM): what is SL etc
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:07:47 PM): all sir are litlle strict for me as i am a last bench seater in class
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:00 PM): No Boss
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:07 PM): everybody feels the same way
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:20 PM): if u see few days back chat in Agnan
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:23 PM): u will see that
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:28 PM): Sir has warned me
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:37 PM): he told i will remove u from the list
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:46 PM): this does nt mean he is strict
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:08:54 PM): just feel how much tension he handles
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:09:07 PM): just kidding as far us he is guiding in the right way he can be strict no harm in it
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:09:19 PM): yes
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:09:23 PM): i think u got it
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:09:42 PM): he is great person and May god bless him with everything he wants
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:09:50 PM): we are talking everything other than market thats why i call me last bench student
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:10:16 PM): yeah sure long live 
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:12:01 PM): ok sir u continue if dont mind i will go now ,also nice talking with u amar ji
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:12:15 PM): Ok bye
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:12:25 PM): Sir i am also leaving now
Amar Mundada (7/14/2010 6:12:30 PM): will catch u later
niru jan (7/14/2010 6:13:11 PM): bye sir

Krishna Kathiriya (7/14/2010 8:05:17 PM): kailashji aaj ifosys 2% tut gaya kal aapne bola tha ki 4% more girega.......wah bhai what a technical.....good work god bless u..........
Krishna Kathiriya (7/15/2010 12:53:24 AM): Jmd..bhai ek bat bolu aap abhi tak jag rahe ho....yar hamare liye kitna hardwork karte ho...i am happy with right person...god bless u bhai

vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:16:20 PM): what u thing about aban offsore
vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:17:26 PM): is anyone there
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 1:18:28 PM): busy
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 1:18:58 PM): in mkt hr premium members pulling me
vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:19:51 PM): ok sir ji, when u have a time pls advice me about aban offsore
vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:20:09 PM): who can i become premium member
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 1:29:49 PM): just paying 2000 /- pm
vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:30:09 PM): ok
vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:30:37 PM): what kind of advice, cash or for f&o
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 1:33:41 PM): please read this
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 1:34:13 PM): hi Please click this link to know about subscription charges and bank details .
some more information is available here too...
Kailash chaturvedi

vishal_upadhyay05 (7/13/2010 1:35:23 PM): ok i thng u r very busy in making fool to the people but people r more smart than u

niru jan (7/13/2010 2:37:41 PM): sir am only intrested in calls ie advisory service ,so i want to know how many call i get ruffly in a month and how much should i have to pay for it every month
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 2:38:25 PM): 2000 per month
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 2:38:26 PM):
niru jan (7/13/2010 2:39:02 PM): and number of calls i get in a month?
niru jan (7/13/2010 2:45:19 PM): Premium advisory services{Tips & Support ) : 2000/- per month (Including cash/futures & options in stocks/Nifty )
niru jan (7/13/2010 2:46:39 PM): sir i wanna know how many cash ,future and option calls for my package
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 2:47:30 PM): please ask me after mkt hrs
niru jan (7/13/2010 3:42:31 AM): sir are you free now
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 4:53:00 PM): yes please tell me
niru jan (7/13/2010 4:53:43 PM): number of calls i get in a month?: Premium advisory services{Tips & Support ) : 2000/- per month (Including cash/futures & options in stocks/Nifty ) sir i wanna know how many cash ,future and option calls for my package
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 4:54:29 PM): see please tell me ur capacity of trade
niru jan (7/13/2010 4:55:19 PM): right now am trading 1- 5 lakhs intra day trading
niru jan (7/13/2010 4:56:41 PM): for long term i keep adding lic shares ,and short term sometimes
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 4:57:03 PM): ok
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 4:57:33 PM): how much u can bet on futures trades
niru jan (7/13/2010 4:58:44 PM): i ahvent done any future trade so far so new to taht ,i think i can probably spend 1-2lakh monthly
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 4:59:04 PM): ok
niru jan (7/13/2010 4:59:14 PM): i also planned to quit intra day
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 4:59:26 PM): how much gain in 1 month u want from me ??
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:00:03 PM): sky is the limit for me whatever maximum u can sir ..
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:00:16 PM): in two lakh
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:00:28 PM): tell me how much ?
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:00:30 PM): ok minimum one percentage
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:00:37 PM): for intra day
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:00:42 PM): means 2000
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:00:54 PM): 1000
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:01:10 PM): means 44 k in 22 trading days
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:02:07 PM): how much will i get then
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:02:26 PM): u place ur demand
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:02:44 PM): then i will tell u yes or no
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:03:04 PM): .5 percentage ie 22 k for 22 trading days
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:03:14 PM): done
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:03:24 PM): 1k perday.
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:04:52 PM): can i make this profit in intra day
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:05:15 PM): yes she made this trade today
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:06:45 PM): but one thing u can do all the trade u can get money sir rather than giving others ,just asking with curiosity
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:07:40 PM): see this i will answer when u will join me
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:08:00 PM): and if no then i wont
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:08:31 PM): k
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:08:40 PM): so now please ask me if u r joining
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:09:51 PM): am planning to change my brokerage account once account ready i will let u know sir
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:10:18 PM): now me in reliance and going to change to ANAGRAM
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:10:41 PM): but i mtoo having rmoney
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:10:49 PM): any way cua
kailash Chaturvedi (7/13/2010 5:10:57 PM): tc
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:11:40 PM): thanks for the info sir,
niru jan (7/13/2010 5:11:42 PM): bye

ma80rao (7/13/2010 5:34:45 PM): sir hello
ma80rao (7/13/2010 5:34:51 PM): u there
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 5:34:54 PM): yes
ma80rao (7/13/2010 5:36:44 PM): sir,,I wanted ask u one thing,,if it is possible for you to trade in my account , as I have ICCIDIRECT,,and it can be opend from any where, and can place trades,,and I will start the subcription,,sir
dhanvarshagrp (7/13/2010 5:37:49 PM): i have no time to trade
ma80rao (7/13/2010 5:38:02 PM): k

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